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CueSquared Direct MobilePay

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Accelerate payments, reduce costs to collect, improve the patient payment experience.

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CueSquared Direct MobilePay™ Advantage

Fast, Secure 1-Touch Payment.

No app to download. No portal to sign into. No passwords to forget.

1Receive Notification: Following a visit, the patient receives a text notification letting them know a payment is due.
2Open the Link: Patient selects the link in the text notification.
31-Touch Payment: Patient immediately receives a notification of payment receipt for their records and payment is posted into provider’s account.
That's it! Payment made!
CueSquared Analytics Dashboard

Powerful analytics at your fingertips.

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  • Cue2 Analytics provides clear, actionable insight into patient payment behavior
  • Track RCM metrics and payment analytics including time to payment, statements viewed, payments by aging, and payments collected
  • Clear snapshot of collections over time, days in AR, and patient demographics

"Our patients have commented how fast and easy it is to make payment. They particularly appreciate the clear presentation of the visit summary and EOB." Taylor Kinecci, MD "

"Making my payment was a breeze. I wish all my doctors were using CueSquared" Margaret M., Patient "

"Paying my bill was really quick, easy and straightforward. As painless as paying a bill can be." Tabatha G., Patient "

Collection of payments should be simple, secure and prompt

Meet your patients where they spend their time – on their mobile phones! CueSquared’s Direct MobilePay™ solution is the answer to payment collection for the 21st century.

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70%payments received within 7 days of notification
50%per payment reduction of collection expenses
45%reduction of patient balances within the first 90 days
30%decrease in the number of paper statements

Accelerate Collections

  • Receive payments within hours of sending first text notification
  • 75 -85% of payments received within 6 days of notification

Increase Payment Rate

  • 10 – 20% increase in payments collected
  • Get paid on low and high balances and outstanding Days in A/R

Decrease Costs to Collect

  • Reduce paper statement production and mailings
  • Reduce support associated with payment collection (phone calls)
  • Seamless integration automates payment posting and reconciliation with PM system
  • Reduce reliance on collections agency

Highest Security

  • HIPAA compliant to protect PHI
  • PCI compliant includes highest level encryption in transit and at rest
  • Fully tokenized processing of credit card and financial information

No-Risk Adoption

  • Augment existing self-pay tools
  • Zero disruption to cashflow or existing payments workflows
  • Minimal to zero staff training required

Easy Implementation

  • No implementation costs
  • Implementation in hours, not weeks or months
  • Not an IT project

RCM Analytics

  • Gain deep insight into patient payment behavior
  • Optimize collections and organization efficiencies
The consumerization of healthcare is a reality

Patient satisfaction with the payment process profoundly affects the patient experience, their overall view of your organization and your success.

Revenue cycle and patient engagement go hand-in-hand; improving the patient experience around paying their bills is an area of tremendous strategic opportunity.

Did You Know?

Patients satisfied with the billing and payment process are:

  • 74% likely to pay in full and on time
  • 90% likely to come back to your organization for service
  • 80% likely to recommend your organization
  • 65% of consumers would consider switching healthcare providers for a better healthcare payment experience
HIPAA Compliant

CueSquared MobilePay is fully HIPAA compliant with end-to-end data encryption, multiple backups, and our strict security policies. We make sure PHI is shared only with the patients themselves. With CueSquared MobilePay you are 100% covered.

Data Security

We use the latest 256-bit data encryption to ensure data security at rest and in transit. We employ a highly secure tokenized payment vehicle replacing sensitive card data with unique identification symbols, ensuring the patient’s card credentials are untraceable. Rest assured, no data is stored on the patient’s phone.

CueSquared’s Direct MobilePay™ solution is the answer to payment collection for the 21st Century.

Ready to get started accelerating payment collection and improving patient engagement?
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