Mount Sinai Doctors’ VP of Rev Cycle: Our Self-Pay Remained Strong During the Pandemic

During the Spring of 2020 at the height of the pandemic in New York City when everything all but shut down and in-person appointments turned to telehealth visits, “payment at the time of service plummeted” for Mount Sinai Doctors, says Richard Nagengast, VP of Revenue Cycle.  “The most remarkable thing though,” Nagengast adds, “has been…

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Consumer Commerce Trends are Killing Healthcare Payments

Patient’s perception of healthcare payments is falling fast! Each year Elavon, the multi-industry payments giant, releases an insightful annual healthcare payments report. The 2020 report highlights a troubling patient sentiment trend hospitals, health systems, and provider groups of all sizes need to address now to prevent further loss of patient revenue. According to the 2019…

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The Case for a Direct MobilePay Solution

Patient responsibility for the cost of medical care is exploding, putting tremendous pressure on health care financial executives from the largest and most sophisticated health systems to the solo practitioners.